Introducing Flexi Trax® Jurassic Adventure – a comprehensive set featuring 180 pieces. Unleash your creativity and construct a captivating dinosaur world with limitless possibilities. Dive into the immersive landscape, building your own Jurassic realm. The vibrant colors and carefully selected accessories perfectly capture the essence of a Jurassic World, enhancing your playtime experience. With adaptable track pieces, discover endless configurations for dynamic exploration. Flexi Trax® Jurassic Adventure is designed to inspire imagination, ensuring a richer, more enjoyable playtime adventure for all.

The Flexi Trax® Building Construction Set, featuring 212 pieces to fuel your imagination and construction dreams. Elevate your play experience with versatile track pieces, enabling you to craft a distinctive world of structures each time you play. The vibrant colors and accompanying accessories enhance the overall playtime, encouraging exploration and innovation in building your unique realm. Unleash your creativity as you explore various ways to construct and innovate within your own little world, making each play session a delightful journey of imagination and discovery.